The Municipal Corporation regulates the conditions of work and employment prevailing in shops and other commercial establishments through the process of registration. This certificate of registration is commonly referred to among shopkeepers as a gumasta license.

Registration of Shops and establishment is mandatory under Shops and Establishment Act.  This act enables the registration and obtaining of certificate from Municipal Corporation for your new shop/ business.

Documents Required for Application of Gumsata

  1. PAN Card.
  2. Residential Proof- Electricity Bill.
  3. Application Letter.
  4. Authority Letter.
  5. Required Fees (as mention in below table)
  6. In case of Ownership Property- Light Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Sale Deed /Society bill is to be attached.
  7. In case of Rented Property- Lease Agreement, N.O.C of the Owner.
  8. Whereas for Partnership Firm- Partnership deed, Pan of partnership, all partners list with their respective name and address proof.
  9. Rather in case of a Private Company- Certified MOA & AOA, Pan of company, Directors list with their respective names and address proof, Resolution to be certified and attached, Authority letter in name of signing officer.
Sr. No Category of Establishment Fees (Annual) T.R.C. (Annual)
(1) (2) (3)          (Rupees) (4)            (Rupees)
1 Shops & Establishment having no employees. 120 360
2 Establishment having 1 to 5 employees 360 1080
3 Establishment having 6 to 10 employees 720 2160
4 Establishment having 11 to 20 employees 1200 3600
5 Establishment having 21 to 50 employees 2400 7200
6 Establishment having 51 to 100 employees 4200 12600
7 Establishment having more than 100 employees 5400 16200


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