1 Receipt of MBP-1 184(1) Every Director of the Company in First Meeting of the Board of Director in each Financial Year shall disclose his interest in other entities.
Every Director is required to submit with the company a fresh MBP-1, whenever there is change in his interest from the earlier given MBP-1.
2 Receipt of DIR- 8 164(2)
Every Director of the Company in each Financial Year will file with the Company disclosure of non-disqualification.
3 E- Forms Filing Requirements 92 Annual Return: Every Small Company will file its Annual Return within 60 days of holding of Annual General Meeting. Annual Return will be for the period 1stApril to 31st March.
4 E- Forms Filing Requirements 137 Financial Statement: Company required filing its Balance Sheet along with statement of profit and Loss account and Director Report in this form. E-form:AOC-4
Attachment:Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit & Loss account, Directors’ Report, Auditors’ Report and Notice of AGM.
5 Directors’ Report 134 Directors’ report shall be prepared by mention of all the information required for Small company under Section 134.
It should be signed by the “Chairperson” authorized by the Board, Where he is not so authorized by at least 2 Directors.
6 Circulation of Financial Statement &other relevant Dox 136 Company will send to the Members of the Company approved financial statement, Directors’ report and auditors’ Report at least 21 clear days before the Annual General Meeting.(Except in case of AGM is called on Shorter Notice)
7 Notice of AGM 101 & SS-II Every Notice of Annual General Meeting will be prepared as per Section 101 of Companies Act 2013 and Secretarial Standard – II.
8 Sending of Notice of AGM 101 & SS Notice of Annual General Meeting will be send to followings:• All Directors, Members, Statutory Auditor.
9 Board Meetings 173 & SS-I Every Company shall hold a minimum number of Two Meetings of its Board of Directors every year in such a manner that Minimum gap between both the Meetings not less than 90 (Ninety) days.
10 Appointment of Auditor 139 Auditor will be appointed for the 5 (Five) year and form ADT-1 will be file for 5-year appointment.
After that every year in AGM, Shareholder will ratify the Auditor but there is no need to file ADT-1.
Above mentioned 10 (Ten) Compliances are Mandatory Yearly compliances for the Private Limited Company. Except above 10 (Ten), there may be event-based compliances for the Small Company.